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"Make your vocation your VACATION"

Astrud Sams is a conscious life coach who is here to help the world go through its awakening process. At eleven years old, she was already practicing body-mind-spirit awareness & yoga.

She attended metaphysical classes where she learned & practiced telepathy, hands-on healing & conscious awareness. As she grew up, she felt the need to train more in depth in the Healing Arts.

She took extensive training & classes throughout her travels all over the world. She has a holistic approach to life, where she understands that we all are part of everything and everything is part of us.

Astrud worked as a one-on-one therapist for several years, where she learned to realize that her mission in life is to help empower other people to learn how to heal themselves and reach their maximum potential. Now, she gives and teaches massage and bodywork therapy in Boulder, CO, organizes retreats, yoga classes and holistic therapy workshops all over the world.

Certified by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)


Astrud is a Holistic Life Coach & Counselor. She has a Master Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching and Divinity. She has trained extensively in various modalities like Bodywork, Holistic Skincare, Reiki, Theta Healing, Amaranta Technique, Past Life Regression, Craniosacral, Sound-Light Therapy, etc. to mention a few.

Holistic Life Coach & Counselor

Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Theta Healing Master

Reiki Master & Teacher

Angel Therapist

Akashic Records Decoder

Ordained Minister

Licensed Esthetician

Light & Crystal Therapist

Yoga Instructor

Bodywork therapist Astrud Sams - VIP Adventures and Holistic Retreats

When watching after yourself, you watch after others. When watching after others, you watch after yourself

- The Buddah


Design a happy life!