Online Therapy Session

Astrud and John have an array of tools to help you tap into your inner knowing so you can find your center. This online session involves a 60 or 90 minutes of comprehensive work, which main goal is to connect you in finding peace for your soul. This session is excellent for anyone in physical, mental or spiritual crisis. Some of these tools are used in online sessions:

Theta Healing

Technique that taps into the theta brain wave which focuses on targeting the source of an illness, disease and problem to help reboot our internal software. It helps release false emotions and false beliefs which limit us to go forward in a successful life.


Energy work technique designed to utilize your body’s own energy to heal itself.

Past Life Regression

Technique focused on the laws of cause and effect. Helps to find the root cause of current issues like chronic illnesses, phobias, addictions, relationship issue, etc.

Angel Therapy

Technique which helps to harmonize a person’s life in a non-denominational way. Astrud can tap into guidance messages to help the client connect with “Inner Divine Guidance.” This therapy is very effective even if one is not a believer of this topic.

You deserve someone to take care of you!

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